You don’t have to be an expert to know that nearly every internet user has a YouTube account. Presently, over 2 billion people watch videos on this video platform every month and the number is only growing each year.

But that’s just one social media platform. What about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter?

Well, all of these platforms are reporting strong numbers when it comes to video engagement. The figures are so good that 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media. Of which, 87% say video has helped increase traffic to their site.

What’s more, Facebook is the primary platform where marketers are planning to invest in the next 12 months, followed by YouTube and Instagram. Because that’s what the consumers want.

Today, over 55% of shoppers use online videos while shopping in a physical store and 66% prefer watching a video rather than reading about the product that they’re interested in.

So, there’s little to no doubt why video production is the future of advertising. But if you still aren’t convinced, below are a few stats that will force you to make paid video ads your go-to tool for social media marketing.

Video with social media paid ads have a higher engagement

The average retention rate for videos across the internet is 52%, which is much higher than any other form of content. And people don’t just watch videos. 92% of viewers share videos they like. 

Research also suggests that video ads have higher click-through rates than standard banners, with the former getting 27.4% more clicks than the latter. 

As a matter of fact, if your video ad is able to spark a positive experience, your viewer’s purchase intent can increase by 97% and they’ll be 139 times more likely to want to be associated with your brand. 

That’s exactly what happened to Wren, a boutique clothier, after their video ad “First Kiss” went viral. The ad generated roughly 80 million views in just a couple of days, which increased the brand’s sales by 14,000%. 

Another prominent example of how valuable brand engagement can be is Poo Pourri, whose valuation went from $10 million to $30 million shortly after they dropped this video ad that talks about their product and explains its benefits.

You can track the popularity of your ads

Samsung’s Samsung India Service ad is the most viewed ad on YouTube with over 211 million views. It was possible to obtain this number only due to the power of social media. 

Video ads are better than banner ads because they allow you to record the exact number of engagements. Whether it’s Instagram or YouTube, you know exactly how many people have viewed, liked, and disliked your videos. 

Now, can your television do that? 

Video ads have a better conversion rate

Let’s take YouTube for understanding the importance of video ads in social media marketing. 

90% of consumers reported learning about new products and services through YouTube. Of that number, over 40% of shoppers globally said that they purchased products they found through YouTube. 

The success of videos could be because of two reasons; storytelling and convenience. 

Videos are one of the only few forms of content that allow you to blend storytelling into your ads. Since storytelling increases personalization, it’s easier to convert users, especially when there’s a CTA embedded right where the consumers need it to be to make a purchase.

Similarly, videos have been found easier to consume. They also help viewers remember 95% of the message, which is 85 times higher than reading. And if your viewers remember you for good reasons, they’ll definitely buy from you. 

How to use videos with social media marketing

Videos with social media paid ads are the most powerful form of online marketing today. In fact, 80% of video marketers have admitted that videos have directly helped improve their sales numbers. So, there’s no question as to why 85% of businesses are using video ads on social media.  

But to generate the desired ROI, you need to produce strategic videos that can instantly connect with your audience. Here’s how you can do that.  

Keep your paid ads casual and breezy

The internet has made the world so small that you can get in touch with your favorite celebrity in just one click. So, people have laid off the formalities. Nowadays, more than 80% of consumers prefer an informal and chatty tone. And they’re so determined to watch videos that converse with them that they would abandon products by brands whose videos have an annoyingly formal voiceover. 

Make your social media ads sound-free

Making social media paid ads with subtitles has quickly become a new norm. Why? Because 92% of consumers watch videos with the sound off. They prefer reading the script to listening to it because not everyone has their headphones on every time. 

Since 92% is a huge market considering the fact that both Facebook and TikTok report an average of 8 billion and 1 million video views daily, you need to be flexible when creating your video ads. 

Trim your paid ads for stories

When Instagram came up with the ‘Stories’ feature, everybody trolled them for copying Snapchat. Little did they know that this feature would go on to become an important tool for social media paid ads.  

Today, 83% of users share videos on their Instagram feed while 80% share them to Instagram Stories, opening a big window of opportunity for brands. So, if you want your ads to grab the viewer’s attention, ensure that they’re no longer than 15 seconds. 

Logical and funny videos are crowd favorites

Your consumers’ attention span may be rapidly declining but logic and humor can help retain viewers. 83% of consumers want video ads to be funny yet logical while being less than 5-minute long. They also expect video ads to offer a 360˚ view of the product. 

Purple’s Goldilocks mattress ad has over 188 million views on YouTube and the reason for its success can be summarized in three words; humorous, logical, and informative. No wonder the company became the 12th fastest growing company in the Beehive State after the ad dropped. 

Create product instructional video ads

42% of consumers want to see more product description videos. Countless brands are already fulfilling this demand and using it as an opportunity to plug-in product suggestions from their existing catalog. 

If you’re considering making social media paid ads, start with instructional video ads, especially if people aren’t familiar with your products. Even big names like LinkedIn and Google are doing it. 

Quirky ads sell

When you think about quirky ads, Blendtec’s Will It Blend? ads are probably some of the first ones to pop in your head. They’re the epitome of quirk and entertainment. 

Featuring Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, the ads take a shot at blending everyday, household items in their revolutionary blender. The commercials are so popular that Blendtec’s YouTube channel has close to a million subscribers. But the real news is that the videos were an important reason for a definite increase in Blendtec’s sales.   

Include clear CTAs and branding

How many times do you remember a social media ad but forget which brand it belonged to? You’re not alone. Some social media ads are so powerful that they immediately make a place in your mind. But the branding is so awful that the viewers quickly forget who made them. 

To avoid that from happening to you, make sure your ads are reflecting your brand’s image. Use a uniform color story and brand icons, which will make it easier for the viewer to distinguish your ads from the lot. 

Additionally, place clear CTAs throughout the videos to make it easy for the viewer to get in touch with you.  

Making social media paid video ads that work

If you’re feeling unusually inspired to make a video ad for your social media channels, you shouldn’t wait for the right budget or season. There are companies who have invested as little as $1,000 on a low-budget video production can see a 14,000% increase in their sales. What matters is taking the first step and finding the right people to work on your video ads.

For nearly a decade, Dorian Media has been working with brands Stratos, Dior, Fendi, and Versace to produce digital marketing solutions that deliver the results you’re looking for. Get in touch with us and improve your brand visibility today. 

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