We have all entered a new era, one of the internet, and digitization and technological innovations. In this vast and enormous paradigmatic transformation to all things electronic and digital, businesses have evolved. No longer do companies spend their time and effort on traditional marketing strategies. Instead, the focus is now on Online Marketing methodologies and practices. 

However, online business practices don’t mean maintaining a website or social media pages on your own. It works through a certain logic and principle and only trained professionals know how they operate and function. We, at Dorian Media, have created a long list of why we think Online Marketing is the present and future of any business, big and small. Read on to know more about them!

Why Is Online Marketing So Important?

Catering To A Large Audience

When it comes to the number of people who have a digital presence, either through social media accounts or internet browsing, it’s huge. There are approximately 7.7 billion netizens across the world.  

An estimated 2.7 billion active monthly users on Facebook scroll through promotions, advertisement, and engage with their preferred companies and brands. 48% of them say that a Facebook Ad influenced them to make the last purchase. The number of people with social media accounts has jumped from an average of 3 to 7 in the last half of the decade. 57% of them have said that they find the ads relevant to their buying habits. 

In spite of this, 89% of businesses don’t know how to handle their online company presence. 45% of companies say that their social media efforts are not giving them any returns. This is because they are not availing of the services of expert professionals. The right kind of Online Marketing can help your company reach out to a populace that is beyond your imagination. 

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A Great Opportunity For Small & Medium Businesses

It is difficult to compete with multinational corporations and big companies with a huge annual turnover. They have exclusive teams and a certain percentage of profit dedicated to advertising and maintenance of their brand image. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses with less capital to invest don’t have a future at all. 

The internet is a very democratic space and it allows everyone an equal opportunity to prove themselves. The right kind of help in Online Marketing can make even ordinary companies compete with these MNCs. Through focussed and specialized campaigns, even a small budget can give very big returns.  

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Helps In Targeted Advertising For Better Impact

As Online Marketing deals with netizens, it becomes easier to map them out and form clusters from the demographic data. This means that it becomes easier to identify the target audience and carry out a focussed long-term advertising campaign. Making your content relevant to the user is absolutely imperative, given that customers can use ad blockers if they feel you’re infringing. 

Professionals can help you with search advertising where you can optimize your content following SEO and PPC techniques. Keep in mind that through this search engine optimization and pay per click options, 80% of traffic is generated. So if you use the right keywords and use the data collected by social media to your advantage, you can create an impression.  

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Personalized Advertisements Mean Higher Conversion Rate

A particular form of Online Marketing includes processes like segmentation, personalization, and automation. Through this process, companies can send relevant content to the customers that significantly increase sales. How does it work? 

With the segmentation procedure, you get to divide your clientele based on their purchasing behavior, likes and dislikes, and other similar traits. This helps you go to the second stage- devising and designing personalized and customized ads for each specialized segment. Finally, automation optimizes the time and cycle of flashing the ads to get the maximum desired results. 

Research has shown that this methodology spikes up the conversion rate by 10% which translates into a whopping 760% increase in revenue. 

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Better Scalability & Measuring Metrics

The problem with television or print advertisements is that it becomes difficult to measure the success rate of these endeavors. With the advent of smartphones, people are actually doing away with cable connections and don’t have the concentration to read. 

However, special tools like Google and Twitter Analytics and Instagram Insights help you dissect, debate, and discuss customer feedback. There are similar tools available that can measure the impact of your company’s online presence so that you can devise your strategy accordingly. 

The advantage of this display and search advertisements is that you can preconfigure a budget and keep changing it. If you don’t see the desired results, you don’t need to go back to the start. All you have to do is make minor readjustments which your Online Marketing company will help you with. 

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Greater Revenue Generation

Return on Investment (ROI) is considered to be a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of any successful business. Online Marketing gives you an unparalleled and unrivaled ROI through its latest marketing methods. 

Surveys show that the average returns vary from 38$ to 70$ per 1$ that they spend. The better the professionals working for you, the better the returns. This comes about through an integrated approach that includes social media, email, websites, and other videos, PPC, and mobile marketing strategies. 

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Better Brand Management 

If you want to establish a rapport with your customer and give it a personalized touch, you must shift online. Everyone searches for a brand’s digital presence because it establishes good faith and helps generate a reputation. 

Online reviews are one such way where customers can directly comment upon their level of satisfaction. Additionally, through live chat, you can give your customers a feeling of always being available for them. They can post complaints, ask questions, provide suggestions, and the like.  

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Affordable & Cheap

Traditional advertising methods mean printing banners, leaflets, scheduling television advertisements, and similar things that are cost-intensive. What the internet and Online Marketing methods have done is bring down this cost by a huge percentage. 

Thus, according to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of respondents claim to be saving up through online strategies. This further encourages 28% of businesses to shift towards the digital from traditional methods. 

Dorian Media Group has a team of skilled experts and professionals who are equipped with Online Marketing strategies and methodologies. If you are looking to grow your business online, consider contacting them for the best advice and help.

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