With the increase in technology and new website design trends, there are some trends and design elements that are fading out. These design elements of websites are slowly becoming necessary or creating a negative impact on the audience. Therefore, it is important for businesses to get rid of these elements. Consulting a website designer in Orange County can help you analyze your website and identify the elements that should be removed or updated. However, to help you out, these are some outdated website designs or elements that you need to remove. 

Too much design on a webpage

If you have too many designs on a page, it will create a poor cluster. From a customer or visitor’s point of view, such website designs look unorganized and unpleasant to the eyes. If you have a web page filled with too many designs, get rid of unnecessary options right away. There are chances this specific web page is taking a lot of time to load and creating a bounce rate. 

Autoplay option

Some websites have autoplay options for videos, and audio placed on the website. They automatically start playing even if the visitor is on top of the site while the video is playing at the bottom. Ultimately, it makes your visitor confused about where the sound is coming from. Your visitors get dissatisfied and frustrated within a few minutes of visiting your website. When they have to locate the source of sound on your video, they get pissed and mostly close the tab. Therefore, avoid the autoplay option on your website especially when visitors do not know the source. 

Boring typography 

Typography can be a huge hit on your website and looks aesthetic if you want it to be. However, using basic and boring fonts for typography takes away the attractive element. When you are using typography on your website, it is important to find out what suits your website and business niche. Selecting good typography is challenging, that’s why a quality website designer in Orange County can help you. 

Too complicated and huge background videos

Background photo slides can be responsive and look beautiful and attractive to customers. However, when websites use huge background videos, they take up a lot of internet data from customers. Moreover, it takes time to load and puts pressure on websites. So, it’s wiser to avoid such complicated and heavy background videos. If you want to give a video on a webpage, use light and simple videos. Videos that do not cause any effect on website loading or put pressure on other elements. 

Too many changes in the font 

Your website should be unified and look organized. If you are using too many fonts on your website, it would be difficult for visitors to focus. Different fonts have different reading flows, if your font changes often, it will create an unpleasant look. Moreover, inconsistency in the webpage will look disrupted and create a poor impression. Therefore, get rid of such website pages and update them accordingly. Our website designer in Newport Beach at Dorian Media can help you select effective fonts with consistency on your website. 

Scrolling or Marquee text 

Initially, in the 2000s marquee text was a huge thing on the internet, you could see it everywhere. But now it’s not appreciated by website users, they find it unpleasant and unnecessary. You can put important information in other ways to grab attention. Therefore, eliminate marquee text as a permanent website element. 

Final Thoughts 

With time, we have to adopt new changes and get rid of outdated design elements for two reasons- To attract more customers and to stay in the competitive market. If you do not update your website regularly, you will find it difficult to establish your foot in a competitive market. 

With our website designer in Newport Beach, you can analyze your website and get rid of unnecessary elements. Therefore, ensure Your website is up to date and attracts customers. 

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