Dorian Media Group is an award winning Newport Beach Video Production company with over 20+ years of experience.

This is the era of digitization, technological advancements, and massive competition in the arena of business. As people are thinking about the next big innovation in marketing and advertising strategies, Video Production has quickly become the most desired strategy. This new format with creative content, short run time, and active involvement of the customer is quickly making it the sought after marketing strategy.

What Are Our Video Production Newport Beach Offers?

We help you make the best videos for your business that can be streamed without any hassle across all platforms. Since we now have a diverse range of electronic equipment from Smart TVs to tablets and smartphones, a seamless viewing experience is necessary. Our videos are made in such a way that the quality won’t be compromised on an Ultra HD LED screen as well as on mobile phones.

Our team of experts helps you with each and every step of the Video Production Process. Since you know what exactly you want, we will discuss the entire concept, story, and scenes with you. After a thorough and satisfactory discussion with our clients, we finalize a particular video. Our entire process from pre-shoot preparation to post-production editing is completed within the stipulated project deadline.

Our Video Production offers come with SEO tools that can optimize videos for keywords. If you want your product or service to come up at the top of any search engines, we can help you in that regard. We know the techniques and processes through which an online traffic can be generated for your videos. The right kind of content will create an impact and make the customer avail of the service or buy the product. 

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Our creative team devises up ideas to match your brand, your voice and convey your messaging in a unique way. We can be funny, serious, witty, clever, or simplistic. Once we have your goals outlined, let our team work their magic and just you wait.


Once the concept is finalized, we’ll put together storyboards and scripts, this way you can “see” the idea come to life before we go into production. This step will help you envision how we plan to connect with your audience through video.


What this just means is that our production team is creating high quality video (4,000 pixel resolution) to ensure that your video is up to industry standards.


Editing, cutting, touch-ups, lighting, post-production effects are all covered. The finished product will surpass your expectations.


Now that we’ve created this awesome content, let’s get it syndicated. While our team is putting the finishing touches on the video, we’re implementing a promotion plan to get your video in front of the right people.

There is no idea too large for us to tackle.

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Why Choose Us?

Certain features make us one of the best video production companies in your area. We have listed them for you.

  • We offer our services at affordable rates so that any company can come to us with their requirements. 

  • We help you learn how to analyze the success of your videos and use the Analytics and Insights tools to get a better perspective.

  • We make videos that are aesthetically pleasing and captivates the audience of all ages. We all know that everyone has a very little attention span and try to make the most impactful videos to generate interest.

  • We know how to implement video marketing strategies to leverage on social media campaigns.


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