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Dorian Media Group is a Website Design & Development company that caters to the people of Laguna Beach.

Dorian Media Group is a Website Design & Website Development company that caters to the people of Laguna Beach. Our goal is to provide local companies and entrepreneurs with global website designing and development standards. Through our services, we wish to give both small and big businesses a platform to cater to a wider audience. This is made possible by our customized, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly websites.

We understand that in this highly digitized age, an online presence is a must for your business to prosper. That is why we take the utmost care to build and develop your website from scratch. We make sure that through your company website, you speak to your clients and aim for better customer flows. Your website becomes the platform to showcase your brand digitally and we make sure that your customers are impressed by them.

We have certain procedures in place that make us provide solutions to any specific Laguna Beach Website Design requirements. Our team draws up an elaborate strategy for your Laguna Beach Website Development needs. We have an expert team of designers who are equipped with the latest UI/UX designs and templates. Our in-house SEO experts also make sure that the website is customized for search engines and come up in relevant searches. Additionally, we ensure mobile-friendly websites are designed for you for a seamless browsing experience.

All our efforts are geared towards increasing your sales and revenue and pumping up customer traffic and retention rate. We have provided below some of the key features that make us one of the most reliable and trusted companies in Laguna Beach.

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Why Work With Us


Be it designing a website, regular maintenance, or hosting, we can help you in each case. We have a pool of experts with an expertise in SEO, Google Analytics, WordPress customization, and in-page social media extensions. These things are important if you want your company to reach a greater audience. There’s a dedicated UI/UX Team to make your website the best in its category. We can also collate information from a huge database that can work in synchrony with your software.

We have a separate team of PWA (Progressive Web Applications) Developers as well. They make sure that in a competitive business environment, the mobile website operates as an app. This can be done without a visit to the app store and makes for a better customer experience. So, be it an architecture company, boutique, start-ups, service providers, or freelance professionals, we have a solution for all. Get a wide range of Website Design Laguna Beach offers from us.


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“Having an attractive & well-designed website for your business creates opportunity to influence people’s mindset & help you to generate more sales.”

Evan Dorian


We like our clients to be sustainable and work on their own in the long run. That is why our team does the initial groundwork of customizing the content. We meticulously track and analyze your online traffic and netizen response. Our team then dissect the numbers and discuss among themselves as to how to better the statistical results. Since the focus is always on improving the return on investment (ROI), we optimize content accordingly. At last, we hand over CMS to the company employees for their own management. 

Dorian Media offers the best CMS configuration in the market at competitive prices. If you are looking for a Laguna Beach Website Design company that offers these services, you can come to us. 

Employee-Friendly- We understand that it is not always possible to consult a website design company for minor changes. Your company’s employees should ideally make these changes after surveying the Analytics data. If a certain content is not making an impact, then that needs to be changed. Alternatively, something that is making customers sit up and notice you must be given more focus and attention. 

This is why we have a CMS in place that can easily be handled by your company staff. No extensive training or elaborate knowledge is required to control the content of the website. Thus, every time you need to edit something, add some particular detail or omit and modify something else, you needn’t come to us. 

We help you achieve that flexibility and give control of editorial changes and management that is best suited for you. We understand that being dynamic is the key to success, and we ensure that you can make changes according to the shifting market needs. 

SEO Optimized- Websites don’t have any value if the right set of search engine optimization (SEO) tools aren’t used. They will never come up in relevant internet searches and will go completely unnoticed by the customers. Moreover, unoptimized websites will be so pushed back in the search history that they will never be opened or noticed. 

This is why content needs to be optimized according to the latest technology that makes SEO work. Our Laguna Beach Website Design offers are such that make the companies come up in online searches. We understand how search engines like Google & Bing work and can help you guide in this process. 

Easy To Redesign- The one thing about internet-based platforms is the rapid rate at which they transform themselves. If companies can’t keep themselves updated with the changing styles and latest innovations, they’ll fall back. This effectively means losing out in the highly competitive market scenario. That is why we help you upgrade your websites and transform your older sites into brand new ones. 

By availing our Laguna Beach Website Development offers, you get access to changing your website according to the newest trends. Always keep in mind that an outdated website is even worse than having no website. So don’t delay your upgrade any longer and come to us. We will help you change the UX design and bring in a new UI for better and seamless user experience. 

Your company needs to have a website with the latest and greatest designs along with a responsive layout. That is the key to any successful website that you want to make for your company. This will not only help you with better online marketing management but also optimize it for search engines. Here are some of our Laguna Beach Website Design offers: 

Device Adaptability- This is the age of cloud storage and synchronized social media accounts. Thus people move frequently between their desktops, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Suppose a customer likes your website during web browsing and bookmarks it. But when the person tries to open it from the phone, the website crashes or gives a bad user experience. This can negatively impact the image of the company. 

That is why one needs to make websites that are suitable for all kinds of electronic devices. People have a minimal attention span, and they like to shift between devices. But if the experience is not up to the mark, the company will suffer a huge blow. With us, we help you make websites that function perfectly on all kinds of electronic devices. 

Smooth Handling- It is also important to create a website that is easily usable by the visitor/customer. If one opens the website but cannot find the right options at the right places, then they will stop using it. That is why it is crucial to design and develop a website that makes browsing easy for the customer. 

On the other hand, companies need to keep a close tab on customer presence and engagement ratio. If one is to measure the ROI, they must observe and analyze the influx and efflux rate. This will tell them how much customers they are able to retain. Moreover, there are ways to track how often the same customer comes back for a certain product. All this data is made easily accessible to the company employees so they can control CMS accordingly and provide quality content. 

We make sure that before a website is finally opened for online traffic, they run through several of our in-house trials. This is done to ensure that there are no hiccups when the website goes live. We have provided a step by step guide as to what goes into our testing procedures for any Laguna Beach Website Development. 

  • All our clients’ websites go through rigorous three-step testing. We first evaluate them for overall feedback. Then after a heavy self-criticism to find out points of improvement, we move on to another set of tests and feedback loop. 
  • This is then followed by running the websites on multiple platforms and simultaneously from multiple profiles. It is done to see whether they falter or crash due to excess online traffic. Once we are sure that they tick all the right boxes, we decide to launch it. 
  • Our in-house designers, SEO analysts, CMS engineers sit through the entire process and provide their opinion at each step. We work as a team to make sure that the final product gives a stiff competition to the leading websites on the online space. 

The Internet is the new place for business and commercial activities. Customers don’t like to wait in queues or take the trouble of going through the inventory on foot. That is why companies now need the right kind of websites for their online customers. Dorian Media can help you get Laguna Beach Website Development that is best suited for E-commerce. Here are our specialties:

Easy Navigability- The most important way to make your website a success is to have a really easy navigation facility. Customers won’t like to use a website that hangs, slows down, or is difficult to shift from one section to the next. Special focus must be given to the home screen where an overview of products should be displayed. Each subsection is equivalent to a separate department in a shopping mall. Thus, care must be taken that they are easily locatable and can be used without hassle. 

Easy-To-View Inventory- Most web-based companies have a lot of products to sell but they don’t know how to display it online. Our team helps you with such a unique Laguna Beach Website Design that makes the products and services attractive to the customer. It is crucial to converting casual browsing to actual sales which should lead to more browsing for additional sales. The right layout and proper design can help your company achieve that customer retention rate and increase sales. 

Secure Payment Portal- Customers will not buy something if they feel that online payments aren’t safe. A shoddily made website will give the impression that an online transaction might not be safe and secure. Since there is always the threat of sensitive data being hacked, the website must be made foolproof. This will not only make a mark on the customers who are using the website but also convert browsing to sales. We help provide features where a customer can pay online through their cards or offline during delivery.  

24*7 Customer Support- What companies must understand is that an online store is a digital shop, a replacement of sorts in the digital age. This is why customers can log in anytime they want to and must feel they are being personally attended to. We help you design a website that can transcend physical barriers and geographical spaces. Our aim is to assist in making your corner shop an internet sensation and reaching out to an ever greater audience. This is why we have a system in place that will support your customers throughout their shopping and make them come back again.

What We Bring To Your Project


We will work with you to come up with a plethora of fresh and unique ideas for your website, and help you handpick the best option to illustrate your overall goals and project as a whole.


By taking the time to understand your needs, we are able to present effective strategies to meet, and often exceed, each of them.


We are extremely well versed in custom post types, custom fields, plug-in customization, e-commerce options and so much more.


In order to stay competitive and visible in our extremely digital world our company uses unique and well thought out techniques such as heading tags, alt image tags, XML sitemaps and controllable metadata.


We pay careful attention to our workload to ensure that all deadlines are met; your project will always be delivered on time under our watch.


We like to keep you involved in the whole process of building your site. You will see progress as it happens in real time; you will not be left in the dark.


You spent a lot of time perfecting your own vision, and we respect that. We are sure to pay close attention to that so that we can use our expertise while still imulating that vision while creating your site.


We treat each of our clients with the highest level of service, and pride ourselves on staying consistently reachable for questions, concerns or to just talk about your project. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable reaching out to us at anytime for any concern or question.


We make every effort to keep even the most complex of front-end features very easy to manage through intuitive WordPress admin interfaces.


Maintenance packages are offered covering back-ups to ensure your WordPress site keeps running smoothly and securely.

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