Responsive Web Design(RWD) is now a necessary thing for every business that is looking to establish itself on a digital platform. The concept of responsive websites was first started in 2001 and has now become common. Recently, with the increase in mobile users, the need for responsive websites has shot up. If you have already switched to responsive websites, then it’s good news you’re improving. If not, then it’s time to switch your website to a responsive website for many reasons. 

Here is the list of reasons that make responsive websites important: 

Improve your Google ranking

Needless to say, Google now takes the mobile-first, mobile-responsive approach more seriously. More than 50% of web users use mobile phones to operate websites. Web users searching on mobile phones is increasing rapidly. Which makes it critical for websites to update for mobile-responsive designs. Google takes user experience as one of the top three ranking factors, so to improve rankings you need to switch to mobile responsive sites. Consult our professional freelance website designer to help you make your website responsive and contribute to your SEO. 

Improve your customer experience

Customer experience is everything for Google as well as businesses. If your visitors have a good experience on your website, you have a better chance to convert them into customers. With customer-focused website design, your customer experience is likely to improve. Ultimately, your Google rankings will positively improve. It will give you more opportunities to convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. Positive and responsive websites will have a significant impact on customers. 

Improved usability

The amount of time your customer or website visitor spends on your website will determine their experience and the impact of your website content. With responsive websites, you can improve usability through easy navigation, and a better experience. Your website will have faster access, easy navigation, and fast speed, making it easy to use. Ultimately, they will find information easily and spend time on your website exploring products and services. In addition, your website design will help you keep your audience hooked. Our best freelance website designer can update your website for responsive design. 

Low bounce rate 

Websites which have poor design and are not optimized for mobile search will have a negative impact on your visitors. Ultimately, your customers are most likely to switch to another website. The more customers leave your website because of a lack of responsiveness, the higher your bounce rate will be. With responsive design, customers will spend some time on your website, leading to a low bounce rate and high conversion rate. 

Enhanced website speed 

If you understand digital marketing, you will know how crucial website speed can be. Page speed is one of the important technical aspects that can have a strong impact on SEO. The amount of time a website will take can determine your customer experience and conversion rate. An optimized and well-designed website can have good speed as there are different design elements that affect page speed. Such as the number of images and their quality, videos on your website, etc can affect page speed. Our professional freelance website designer understands where your website needs improvement. 

Final Thoughts 

Responsive design has a positive effect on your website overall. Whether it’s bounce rate, conversion rate, website speed, google ranking or SEO, all these factors are interrelated. The above-stated reasons or benefits of a responsive website make it crucial for businesses to implement. 

Our website designer understands the need for responsive design and where you need improvement. We identify the issues and gaps in web design and update your platform accordingly. Thus, ensuring you have an optimized and up-to-date website design that gives you results. 

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