It is imperative for businesses from different niches to develop websites that are highly effective. A large section of consumers is switching to the digital mode for taking basic services like cleaning, security, or purchasing products. Therefore, irrespective of your business type, your presence on the web with an effective website is now critical. If you want to attract a larger audience- local or international, it’s important to look at different aspects of the business. No doubt there are different website platforms available, but audience expectations and competition is increasing. Therefore, a need for the best freelance website designer arises. A professional can understand the technical and non-technical aspects of a website to attract more visitors. 

Some facts that prove you need a good quality website to enhance your business

According to Webfx research: 

  • 94% of visitors think about website design. 
  • More than 80% of web users will go back or switch to another website when they have a poor experience on a website. 
  • Customers decide whether a website is authentic or not 75% based on design. 
  • More than 30% of people avoid websites that do not have a good layout. 

Apart from these, there are some reasons that make it important for businesses to hire website designers: 


Not all business owners can understand the depth of technicalities of a website. From website speed to layout or overall experience, there are different technical aspects. The best freelance website designer can understand different technicalities and pinpoint where you need improvement. Technicalities can include website speed, images, aesthetics, meta tags, meta descriptions, and more.


To develop a good quality website that can attract customers, you need resources. The Web Design Newport Beach team has all the resources that you can use to your advantage. A team with better resources, technology, and techniques can efficiently fulfill the need for a good quality website. Professional designers will have better resources to help you develop and maintain your website.

Personalization and industry knowledge 

Professional freelance designers understand what works in an industry. Which elements will suit your website design, how you can improve, which website design trends to follow, and more. We at Dorian Media have years of experience to help you. Professional designers thrive in this industry; they understand the ins and outs and algorithms to ensure your website offers the best to visitors. Moreover, they can add more personalization on websites that will offer a better customer experience. Customer or user satisfaction is one of the top ranking factors on search engines, so it can help you in SEO. 


Your website quality will determine whether your website will attract and retain visitors or not. Quality can include visual aesthetics, alignment of elements, website speed, backend technicalities, and more. Combining these aspects will ensure better quality, which helps you attract customers and provide a better customer experience. Moreover, a good quality website can also help you with SEO and rankings. 

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the aspects where professional freelance designers can help you. Now with the rise in the digital world, it’s critical for businesses to develop the best quality websites. Therefore, collaborating with a website designer can ensure you have optimized solutions. If you are looking for a website designer, we are here. 

DorianMedia offers the best, latest, and most effective solutions to all business niches. We analyze your requirements and help you develop a website that will positively affect your visitors. Contact us for website development and optimization. 

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