It can be very tempting to choose a larger, well-known company to help with your business marketing needs. Big agencies do have their benefits. However, boutique agencies allow for more flexibility, a much more specialized approach plus a lower price tag. Boutique agencies come with an enthusiasm for the work while building client relationships. A boutique agency is a smaller creative agency that focuses on specialized work for a limited client list. They do not have multiple locations with a huge payroll but generally handle smaller clients within their local area. Traditionally, they focus on small businesses but some big name brands are now using the services from boutique agencies. 

Boutique agencies tend to specialize in specific forms of advertising, marketing, and creative work such as graphic design, website design, advertising, branding, social media marking, copywriting, or marketing. Often bigger or more traditional agencies focus on additional services that include heavy market research, demographic studies, media buying, broadcasting, and print. These specialized services are often outsourced to be able to keep up with the demand and bigger client list. If all these additional services are not what you are looking for, it’s good to go simple and think smaller.

Working with a boutique agency has the following benefits: 

Direct access to the owner

This is a great benefit because it creates a good working relationship and keeps you in the loop of what is being worked on. The owners may not be working directly on your project but you can guarantee they know about you and what you hired their agency to do.

The same team throughout

The team that pitches the idea is the team that actually works on your project. Direct knowledge of who is working for you helps to answer any questions or concerns right away. This keeps the communication lines open, leaving little room for error.

A personal touch

It’s a great feeling knowing you can work along with a carefully chosen team that is tailored to your needs. Knowing that everything is covered under one roof means you know who is working on your project.

Lower costs

Boutique agencies do not have a large overhead like a larger firm does so this is very cost effective to you. Their small size and costs aren’t being passed directly on to you while helping you stay on budget.

Faster turnaround

If you are looking for faster results then this will be the agency you are looking for. Boutique agencies do not take on more projects then they can comfortably handle at one time, meaning your project won’t be put on hold or lost in the shuffle.


If you are looking for a top boutique website design agency, Dorian Media Group is ranked as one of the best web design companies in Orange County. If you have a project you would like to discuss, reach out to use below. We look forward to discussing your project in more detail. 

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