10 Things I Have Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuck AKA: Gary Vee is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality. I have been following Gary Vee for quite some time, and I find him to be one of the most influential and insightful people I have ever listened to. Not because of his knowledge, which he does have quite a bit of, but because of his ability to relate. He has an uncanny ability of expressing his knowledge and feelings in a way that pretty much anyone who listens to him can find some commonality to what he is saying. I believe this ability is what sets Gary apart, and is why I have been able to learn so much from him. I decided to compiled a list of 10 things Garry Vee has taught me.

Here they are:

1. Just do it…start!

People have the tendency to read and watch people make money and succeed, but they do not have the ability to go out there and just start something. Why? It is human nature to be afraid any time something is different or out of the realm of our normal schedule. We overthink. We like our routine and don’t want any new changes. I also think that we are afraid of failure. I know we have all heard it before, but it is a sure bet way to fail if you don’t even try. Also, we can’t stop change. Change is happening every single second of every single day. Think about it, I am sure you can remember a time when everything was going great in your world and shortly thereafter disaster struck. Well maybe not a disaster, but you get my gist. Life changes all the time. We cannot stop it, but we can start change in our lives.

2. Don’t Care What People Think

Build something for yourself without caring what other people think. Some people get so caught up in what others think of them that they neglect to actually do anything for themselves. Confidence is not will they like me? Confidence is I will be fine if they don’t. Have the confidence to follow your own path despite what others may think.

3. Everything Is Your Fault

Start concisely looking at yourself. Reflect on your faults are and make changes. People have the tendency to put blame on others for their own issues. Remember, whatever you do is your fault ha-ha…I know that seems a bit harsh but it is true. Spend some time self-examining. I am not saying obsess over all the mistakes you have made, and form a sort of guilt trip on yourself. I am saying spend some time to reflect on you. Who you are. What you do well. What mistakes you have made. Think about ways you can better yourself, without becoming narcissistic or overly self-involved.

4. Stop the Guilt

Sometimes you need to be, dare I say it, selfish. Not in a “the world revolves around me” sort of way, but in a way that you don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself. Way too often we tend to think about others before we think about ourselves. I am not saying to completely stop thinking about others, but sometimes we need to put ourselves first, especially for petty things. If we don’t feel like going to the party for people we barely know, don’t. If we are sick of trying to make someone, who clearly doesn’t like us, like us…Stop! We need to learn to say no when we need to.

5. Don’t worry about having a thousand friends

Most of us don’t. In fact I would argue that most healthy people only have a small handful of people in their life that they are truly close to. We obviously all have our acquaintances, but many of those are shallow. Find people that you are your best around. Find the people that question you, that don’t always agree with you, but care about you. Those are your friends. People that are looking to lift you up, not bring you down or have some empty conversation with. Surround yourself with real, authentic people that you can be yourself around.

6. Have Gratitude

Begin each morning and count your blessings. Be grateful for all that you have and all that you have done. Remind yourself how lucky you are. Also take some time to be proud of who you are and what you do. Be confident. Be proud of yourself. Most people have the tendency to re-hash everything they do wrong, but more importantly start taking some time to think about what you do right. If you obsess over every mistake you make you are not allowing yourself to succeed.

7. Be Efficient not Perfect

No one is perfect. Stop overthinking and start doing. No one is looking at your work to the level that you think they are. They are not examining every single little detail. Do not stress the small stuff. Chances are no one else will even know the difference. Make a list, block off time, and complete the tasks in the allotted time. You will never achieve your goals unless you become efficient.

8. Don’t Overthink

Spend less time worrying and take a chance. You will never accomplish big things unless you just go for it. Remember, the larger the risk the more reward. If you spend too much time thinking about every little thing that could go wrong, you won’t have the chance to have something go right.

9. Find Yourself

Unfortunately most people still don’t know who they are or what they want their future to be. We get too caught up in the mundane everyday tasks that we neglect to reflect on who we are. I am not saying that we will not have to do things in life that we do not love. That is unrealistic and dare I say very entitled. The world is not that easy of a place, and careers are actually quite hard. Great careers take a multitude of effort, but if you can recognize who you are and what you are good at you can lessen that effort a bit and become more successful. Try new things and remain open minded. See what you are good at, what makes you tick and start pursuing ideas where you can use who you are and the skills you possess to your advantage.

10. Just because things are good right now doesn’t mean your job is complete

It is easy to recognize when things are not going well and find ways to fix the problems. It isn’t so easy to keep the effort going when things are great, but to truly stay successful one must constantly be updating and enhancing to stay relevant and successful.

Download Gary’s Audio Books:

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Here is one of my favorite Gary Vee interviews on the Joe Rogan Experience Pod Cast.

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