Project Description

Project Description

About the client

Gulfstream Properties is a Development firm specializing in senior living development.

Gulfstream Properties approached Dorian Media Group to re-design and rebuild website, to improve interaction, usability and the functionality of the website.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Improve the design and structure – the new web site should be visually appealing and match current corporate identity guidelines. The site should also have a clear layout and be easy to navigate
  2. Ability to update web site – the new web site should contain a CMS (Content Management System) which will allow Gulfstream staff to make updates to the web site without any technical knowledge. Gulfstream wanted to manage 100% of their web site updates internally.
  3. Communicate the organizational story in a compelling manner


  • A well received new design and navigation.
  • Visitors on the new website spent more time on the site and reading 42% more content.
  • Website traffic increased by 20% as a result. Abandonment rates decreased by 25%.

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