More than ever before, businesses and brands are reallocating portions of their monthly marketing budgets to include professional photography and video production.

This is because traditional marketing mediums are not providing even close to the same ROI that they used to.

People simply don’t read print as much as they used to. And marketing managers are realizing more and more that they have to put their branding where the eyes actually are … and those eyes are no longer on the traditional marketing channels, but they are firmly affixed to Social Media.

Even heavy-hitters like the New York Times are pulling back their traditional efforts and redoubling their investment into the digital realm.

“The Times has not been immune to the punishing, industry-wide downturn in print. Print advertising revenue fell 20 percent in the quarter, fueling a 9 percent decrease in total advertising revenue.” – Excerpt from the NYT

As you invest further in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing in general, it’s important that you build your brand’s online presence correctly.

You’ll be sabotaging your own marketing efforts if you use stock photos or rely on the video content of others for your social media marketing campaigns.

There is a good chance that your audience has already seen many of the stock images that you would be likely to use.

So, what does that say about your business?

That you’re run-of-the-mill.

But YOU ARE NOT run-of-the-mill. And this is definitely not the branding message that you want conveyed to your audience or community of potential customers …

So, what’s the answer?

The answer is: It’s time for some budget reallocation. Your business needs top-quality proprietary visual content.

Dorian Media Group provides professional photography & video production for brands and businesses that want their individual ‘brand voice’ to shine through their visual content and cut through the competition.

Stack the deck in your favor …

By understanding both sides of the coin —marketing & photography— Dorian Media Group helps businesses get the most out of their digital marketing and social media presence by providing a deck full of branded, custom imagery that can be used across all marketing channels.

Did you know …

… that 90% of the information that comes into your brain is visual? And that 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as ‘very important’(more important than the product description, product information, or reviews) and posts with videos receive nearly 300% more inbound links!

Check out some of our recent work below.

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Client: Kurvana