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I began taking photos as a hobby, when I discovered the joy and the rush that capturing moments in time gave to me. Work truly feels like play when my camera is in hand; hours pass like minutes. I enjoy evoking emotions out of people or the environment, and capturing the candid moments! I will do just about anything for the perfect photo; climb, jump, crawl, lay, you name it. I believe it is all about the perfect angle and lighting for each particular shot.  About 15 years ago I began my career as a professional photographer working for Rivera Magazine, catering to a multitude of fashion brands around the world. I later parlayed my creative interest in photography with my interest in brand marketing, and created Dorian Media Group. When you work with me and my team you will not only get beautiful images, but you will get images that make sense for you and your brand identity, or event. We want to create a client experience that is all encompassing and cohesive to everything that you are doing and trying to portray, not just take beautiful photos.  

Last but certainly not least, when you work with me and my team we stress making all of our clients feel comfortable. We know that taking photos can be an uncomfortable experience and we stay very aware of that. I, for one, believe that there is nothing more awkward than a photographer who does not talk.  In our experience, I’ve learned that not everybody is comfortable in front of a camera which is TOTALLY NORMAL; our job is to make you relaxed and hopefully we can even have some fun!