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When you first started your business, you were probably more focused on the product or service that you provide, not the endless rabbit hole of marketing that is needed to get your business to the customers.

Internet marketing encompasses a wide variety of actions that all work to do one thing: drive traffic to your business. The more marketing you can do, the more returns you can see, in theory. In practice, however, everyone knows that there’s a certain sweet spot where just enough marketing is achieved.

At Dorian Media Group, we can help you find and maintain that sweet spot of marketing with a custom digital marketing plan that covers everything you need. We can provide:

  • Search engine optimization and marketing

  • PPC advertising

  • Mobile web development

  • Social media marketing

And a whole lot more. Our very first goal is to get your business on page one of any Internet search for the keywords related to your business. If you aren’t visible, you won’t get sales. Our team focuses on SEO optimization for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Next, we’ll focus on finding the right types of marketing avenues for your business. Researching your target market, your competitors, and the trends of your industry are all a part of what we’ll do to find the right marketing focuses. Finally, we’ll implement those focuses, ensuring that your brand is being seen where your audience actually is.

As a small business, we understand that your marketing budget is worth its weight in gold. We’ll help you find cost-effective solutions no matter what scale you operate on.


For a free quote or to get started with your tailored Internet marketing package, you can contact us below, or call 1 (949) 478-3791. Our team can also be reached via email at

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